My Short and to the (Share)Point thoughts

The TSUF Explained

On a day to day basis, I'm troubleshooting SharePoint, SQL and Windows Server issues.  Amongst some of my Trinity Colleagues, I have become well known for my 1st port of call fix for any issue, the TSUF.

Let me explain, TSUF stands for Tom Short Universal Fix.  This actually means a server reboot, a power cycle, the 1 finger power button salute, “turning it off and on again”.

Having come from a support background, starting off on 1st line, I know the power of a reboot.  Many a in the past time I have uttered the priceless words “Have you tried turning off and back on again?” and many times it has worked.

So now I am trying to spread the gospel of the TSUF outside my close circle of colleagues.

The TSUF Fixes Everything*

I would like to let people know that I’m a serious IT Consultant\Engineer and always carefully evaluate and investigate any issues before acting the appropriate manner.  It just seems that many times the TSUF is applied and resolves the issue. 

I have done some research and I can confirm that my studies have shown that when the TSUF is applied, 75% of the time it works every time*.

*not actually correct. 


Paul Grimley said...

Like the disclaimer!

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